Microsoft 365

Now branding itself as Microsoft 365, the business office suite is the standard for millions of workers around the world.

The suite works on a subscription based model so costs are predictable and you will always have the latest software available from Microsoft.


The standard Email application in the business world. 

Shared Mailboxes

Set up shared emailed boxes that multiple staff can access. Want all your invoices in one place? Set up an invoices@ account.


The standard for word processing applications.


Custom letterheads and footers for your business.

Standardised Templates

Set up templates and standards to make your letters consistent across the organisation.


Use a standard letter to send to multiple clients, each with their on unique pieces of information such as addresses, emails, and any other information that is needed.


The standard Email application in the business world. 

Advanced Forumlas

Want your spreadsheet to perform the tasks and calculations you need it to? With hundreds of formulas to choose from there’s many that will save you time for the tasks you do regularly.


Although now getting dated, access is the database management software from Microsoft.

Back Ends

Design of the tables where all the data is stored based upon what is required, linking to multiple data sources and bringing all the information together.

Front Ends

Set up of interface for workers to be able to interact with the back end data in a easy to use way, through use of custom forms and reports to see data in easy to read snapshots.